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This Cookie Policy is part of the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy of the website [] (hereinafter the “website”). Accessing and browsing the website or using the services on the website implies acceptance of the terms and conditions included in the Legal Notes and in the Privacy Policy.
For the purpose of browsing the website, ICT GROUP S.R.L. (hereinafter, “ICT GROUP”), as owner, with registered office in Strada Carignano 32 Bis, 10024 Moncalieri (TO) and VAT number IT 10790910011, with this notification to the user who uses cookies and other storage devices to store and collect data with similar functionality (hereinafter, the “Cookies”).
For this reason and in order to provide users with all the information necessary for the correct navigation of the site, we provide them with the following information on what cookies are, what types of cookies are used on our website and how to configure or disable them.


Cookies are files containing small amounts of information that are saved on the user’s device when they visit a website. Their main purpose is to identify the user every time he accesses the website, allowing the improvement of the quality and experience of the user on the site.
ICT GROUP uses its own cookies and cookies belonging to third parties.
Cookies are essential elements for the functioning of the Internet; they cannot damage the user’s equipment / devices and, if activated in the browser settings, they help identify and solve potential problems related to the functioning of the website.


By accessing the website, the user expressly accepts the use of this type of cookie on their devices. If you disable cookies, it is not possible to optimize the navigation of the site and some of the functions available on the site may not work properly.
In particular, the service provider uses cookies for the purposes described below. If in the future the service provider should use others in order to provide better additional services, the user will be duly informed.


These cookies are essential to be able to browse the website and use its features. Without them it is not possible to provide some requested services, such as access to restricted areas of the website, the use of the electronic shopping cart for online purchases or electronic payments.
Likewise, this also includes cookies that collect information about how visitors use the website, such as which pages they visit most frequently, whether they receive web page error messages, which sections of the website they access or which buttons. they click more. The information obtained from these cookies does not allow the relative visitor to be identified.


These cookies allow you to quantify visits to the website and allow the measurement and statistical analysis of the use that users make of the services provided, in order to ensure that they function properly and to improve their functioning. Among the analytical cookies used there are those of Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses its own cookies, which do not collect data that can identify a visitor. All the information collected is aggregated and, therefore, anonymous. They are used for the sole purpose of improving the functioning of the site. Further information on Google Analytics cookies can be found here:
You can avoid the use of Google Analytics when using our site by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available through this link:


These cookies allow the website to provide a personalized service. For example, they allow the Web to provide price comparison services, shopping cart recovery and the ability to interact with employees to ask questions via chat. The information obtained through these cookies can be anonymous to prevent tracking of the visitor’s navigation.


These cookies collect information on the ways in which visitors use the website, for example the destinations or hotels to which they have shown interest, or the sections of the site to which they have accessed. The information obtained is processed in an aggregate manner; consequently these cookies do not allow the identification of visitors and the data are therefore anonymous. The information collected by these cookies on our website may be shared with third parties outside the ICT GROUP. The function of these cookies is to obtain audience, statistics and reports that allow you to improve marketing campaigns and acquisition channels. They also allow interaction with the site editor’s social media profiles. To access these profiles, you can use various buttons, perform actions such as “follow” and “like” or post comments associated with the content uploaded or created by the site editor.
You can find more detailed information on these third-party cookies by clicking on the following links:
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– Tripadvisor:

It is possible to block cookies using the browser configuration tools, or configure the browser to be notified when a server requests to store a cookie:
a) If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, the option is in the Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Configuration menu. For more information, visit: and to-manage-Cookies-in-internet-explorer-9.
b) If you are using Firefox, the option is in the Tools> Options> Privacy> Cookies menu. For more information, visit:
c) If you are using Chrome, in the Options> Advanced options> Privacy section. For more information, visit:
d) If you are using Opera, you can configure the browser in the Security and Privacy option. For more information, please visit:
e) If you are using Safari, the option is in the Preferences / Privacy menu. More information at:

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