Terms and conditions

Each reservation, after its confirmation, has the value of a contract according to current Italian legislation. The contract is binding for the person making the reservation and for all the other subjects mentioned therein, including minors.


You can book online through our Booking Engine on the site.

Alternatively, you can send an availability request by email, whatsapp or telephone and wait for the response from our staff at the reception.
Following the request we will send you our best offer (non-binding). The reservation is to be considered confirmed only after our written communication showing the total price of the stay and after payment, to be made within 24 hours of our confirmation. If the payment is not made within the requested time, the reservation is to be understood as void.

The reservation becomes binding for the Saint Paul Relais only at the moment of the payment.
At this point, the Saint Paul Relais will undertake to send the customer the confirmation e-mail or a summary voucher to be shown at the time of check-in. Confirmation of booking implies acceptance of our “Terms and Conditions”.
We kindly ask you to check the accuracy of the aforementioned confirmation data and to communicate any anomalies as soon as possible. The communication must be received no later than 24 hours after receiving it. After this deadline we decline all responsibility for any inaccuracies.
Upon arrival, it is mandatory to present an identification document for each person.
To make any changes to your booking you need to contact the reception staff, who will do everything possible to accommodate your request. If the booking is moved to a period for which the price is higher than the amount paid, the customer is required to pay the difference.


General conditions:

Payment is required no later than 24 hours from the date of booking confirmation. In case of non-receipt of payment by the deadline indicated, the reservation is void. The same goes for the balance. In case of non-payment of the balance, the reservation will be canceled.
Payment methods accepted: bank transfer, credit card, cash.


Saint Paul Relais reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card before the client’s arrival by requesting a pre-authorization from the circuit to which it belongs. With the pre-authorization, the temporary availability of the total amount of the stay, or part of it, is guaranteed to ensure that the credit card is valid. The pre-authorization expires automatically after 20 days from the requested date and the amount is released. In case of unsuccessful pre-authorization, the customer will be notified and the reservation will be canceled. In this case, the Saint Paul Relais will have no obligation towards the customer.

Advance payment, “Non Refundable”:

If this special rate is booked, the full amount will be charged to the credit card or requested by bank transfer. The entire amount is not refundable in any case. During certain periods, different payment terms may apply. Please refer to your booking confirmation.

Extension of stay:

The extension of the stay requires an additional reservation and is subject to availability and rate changes.

Cancellation Policy (individual bookings):

Any cancellation of booking must be communicated in writing. For the cancellation conditions please refer to your booking confirmation.
In case of cancellation or changes made up to 30 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged. For cancellations or changes after the aforementioned deadline, 50% of the total amount of the booked stay will be charged.

This cancellation policy is not valid for the discounted Non-Refundable rate (in this case the booking amount will be charged at the time of the reservation and will not be returned in the event of cancellation).

Saint Paul Relais, in case of cancellation within the established terms, reserves the right to reimburse the customer within 90 days from the date of cancellation.

No reimbursement is due to the guest who decides to interrupt the stay already undertaken who is therefore required to pay the entire booked stay (unless booking with a Trip Cancellation policy).

NoShow: (no-show):

In case of no-show, the amount already paid will be withheld, or 100% of the booking amount will be charged to the credit card given as guarantee.

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